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October 13, 2007 by Trudygolightly
Last August there was a wonderful article in the Pioneer Press,  done by Mary Ann Grossman  ( Book Critic) ,  and it was about a book called "I'm Proud of You" by Tim Madigan.

The author of the book,  Tim Madigan,   grew up in Mn.,  Crookston to be exact, and writes for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in Texas.   His book talks about his friendship with Fred Rogers,  whom he met in 1995.   Tim had it all,  a wife,  son,  ...
September 27, 2007 by Trudygolightly
I watched the new "Bionic Woman" Wednesday evening and loved parts and detested other parts of it....just like the character she played must have felt!

When the sheets were pulled back to reveal her "new legs" she was horified,  just the way I felt when I saw my new total knee replacement!  Her horror was well played,  I loved the look on her face and almost screamed along with her.

I liked that she hit the guy and broke his arm,  not cause I like violence,  becaus...
September 25, 2007 by Trudygolightly
Heroes is back!  and it didn't impress me all that much,  except for Hiro,  he could carry the show all by himself!

Now JourneyMan was far more interesting,  then again I'm a HUGE fan of "Back to the Future" movies,  and "Peggy Sue Got Married",  and you all know what they're about!

I loved the ending of this first episode of "JourneyMan"!  How cool that he had put "proof" of his travels in a chest and dug it up in the present day to prove what was happen...
June 10, 2007 by Trudygolightly
So what if I didn't like it?  I'd call it a "snoozer",  the kind I sleep through at drive-ins,  if I'm alone

It was just plain boring,  well there was a couple of surprises in it,  and a few laughs.  I was surprised it was funny enough in spots to coax a belly laugh outta me.

If I"m gonna watch a comedy,  I prefer something like the original "The Odd Couple" with Jack Lemon and Walter Mathau.  I think that's funny.  The Three Stooges was a grou...