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October 18, 2007 by Trudygolightly
 Percentage of women who married one time and are still married = 40%

  Percentage of men who married once and are still married =43%

 Percentage of men who've been divorced at least one time who're currently married =52%

44 % is the percentage of women who've been divorced at least one time and are currently remmarried.

8 is the average lenght,  in years,  of a first marriage that ends in divorce.  I know,  that's how long&...
October 16, 2007 by Trudygolightly
Burr Oak,  a town that was too large,  to busy for the likes of Laura Ingalls and Laura Ingalls was much like her father.

Laura Ingalls didn't write about the year spent in Burr Oak,  because it wasn't a positive time for her.  That year has been referred to as the "missing link".  After Burr Oak,  the Ingalls returned to Walnut Grove and then moved on to De Smet,  S.D.

The 1856 Hotel where Laura lived for that year now has 8000 visitors a year,  the...