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Published on December 28, 2013 By Trudygolightly In Blogging

Wow!  Time sure has run away from me this past year,  or three or four.

I'm older,  fatter,  and perhaps no wiser.  Hindsight is always great,  too bad it's name is so appropriate! 

We had a stunningly beautiful autumn here in October,  surely the loveliest I've ever been lucky to see.   I got out on my power scooter and took numerous photos to remember it by. 

I still have my little Yorky/Poodle mix,  Cocoa,  only he isn't so little anymore!  He's great company,  is a couch potato like me,  and a bit fluffy if I say so myself...

He knows many tricks, understands several words,  and is sassy of course.  I've worked to try to help get him socialized,  only his personality seems ingrained in him.  I did get him when he was 6 months old,   it's been a steady job to get him to not fear everything and everyone.

There are so many things I wish that I could share with you,  however the backlash from doing so could be bad...I can say that this last year has seen many changes and situations that have hurt me and others close to me.  My only regret in blogging is that I didn't start my blog anonymously back in ??? whatever year I joined this sight.

Somethings that happened showed me what a colossal pain in the ass I am at times,  and also that my heart is in the right place,  if not my brain.....

Having said that,  probably need to close this for now,  am too tired to keep it simple.


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