Life, laughs, love and tears.
I DO appreciate them
Published on May 15, 2016 By Trudygolightly In Everything Else

wow,  so much love and understanding from all of you!

 I wanted to quote and answer each comment individually however I keep getting that message that my comments aren't "sucessful"  so..

I just loved those pictures of Angel and Dazza!  Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Starkers for sharing. how sweet and precious with those babies!  Toby was a cutie...I guess it's getting close to time to consider another fur baby to adopt.

I'm not giving up Nidhogg-123,  nope...the days are easier and nights not too bad.

Oh I appreciate all those hugs  thank you  and oh my gosh,  was that the "soup natzi"??  I LOVE that show!  until I spend more time here looking around i guess one is going to have to post a new article to reply to comments...I'm so un techie.

on May 16, 2016

oh my gosh,  was that the "soup natzi"??  I LOVE that show!

Indeed it was....the only time he was ever nice to anyone, Trudy. Guess you're special!