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Published on April 22, 2016 By Trudygolightly In Everything Else

So life just keeps happening,  while I was making other plans....

January a neighbor of mine passed away,  I wish she hadn't done that as her and I were getting comfortable in each other's company,  even laughing together..It seems like every single time I make a friend,  they die a year or two later...

February my beloved,  funny face fur baby died suddenly.  It was hell.

 Cocoa was a Yorky/Poodle/ Llasa Apso mix.  A Yorky face,  curly body hair of the Poodle,  and long silky hair on his legs like Llasa Apsos.

He had been born and raised in a grooming salon here in town,  and I got him when he was 6 months old.  His personality was already formed,  fearful of everything and everyone.  I tried to socialize him to people and other dogs.  It went great with dogs,  cats,  children,  however with adults he took a little time to get used to them first.

He learned several tricks,  would alert me if I left food cooking on the stove,  sassed me a lot!  and when we learned he had diabetes, back in January,  he was a real trooper when he had to have his 2x daily shots.

I've grieved over the loss of my best friend,  grandparents,  parents,  and other friends and family,  however this was the worst hurt I've ever known...ever.  Even as he was in my arms and dying,  he reached up and smelled my face repeatedly,  giving me doggy kisses on my tears....

It's hard to continue on goes on no matter and while I miss him I have to say that he taught me to love life,  to find joy in the simple things...a hot meal,  resting after a long hard day,  a smile from a neighbor..that's all I guess to say for now...stay well and take care of yourselves.

on Apr 22, 2016

Dear Trudygolightly,

I am so sorry to hear about your recent losses - especially Cocoa.  It is hard when our family members and friends pass on but sometimes it's even harder to lose the fur friend who comforted us during those other rough times.  Please accept my deepest condolences for all of the losses you've suffered.  I've been there too and it is not easy. When you have had time to grieve, I hope you find another furry friend to love.  They leave us much too soon.  HUGS!

on Apr 22, 2016

Very sorry to hear of your losses, Trudygolightly...just a word to the wise...when we suffer a few major losses/stressors, we should keep in mind the possibility of Depression occurring.

Not diagnosing anything, just that you should keep an eye open should the grief go on beyond say, two months...just to give a time frame, not a hard and fast rule.

on Apr 22, 2016

I am a dog person and have had many over the years. When my English Springer Spaniel passed I took it really hard. He was my best bud, a well trained four-legged friend. I never got another dog after him, a dog's life is just too short and almost seems unfair. I am contemplating getting a parrot, not the same as a dog but they do make entertaining friends and at least they have a long lifespan.

Very sorry Trudygolightly about the difficult times that have beset you. I hope a new friend will come into your life very shortly.   

on Apr 22, 2016

I too recently lost my best bud, my dog, Spanky.  I feel your pain. My condolences go out to you.

on Apr 23, 2016

this was the worst hurt I've ever known...ever.

'cause they love you so damn unconditionally..... 

on Apr 23, 2016

Hey, Trudy, so sorry to hear of the loss of your furry companion.  It's never an easy time and I feel for you.  I lost Toby, a Maltese Shitsu X, a few months back and was quite devastated at his sudden passing from a large dog attack.  However, time does heal all wounds and things will get better, so chin up and remember the good times you shared.

on Apr 23, 2016

Dear Trudy,  I  feel sorrow at hearing of your recent losses.  I don't know your hurt.  But I do know what hurting feels like.  Deep hurting bites the big one.  May I gently suggest that you embrace your sorrow and hurt.  But embrace it mixed with the fondest and happinest memories you have of them.