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Published on February 26, 2012 By Trudygolightly In Pets & Nature

Saw the movie "Water for Elephants",  my son rented it for me for a Valentine gift.   It was fairly good.  Some of the scenes were hilarious, some were tearjerkers and it was  a whole lot better than the movie I rented!  got "Skateland" cause it sounded like a movie about rollerskating...and it is possibly the worst movie I've ever seen!

 Mason M mentioned "Firefly".  I saw the preview for it about 2 or 3 weeks ago,  want to see it.  Looks like a really special one.   

Looking forward to the award show tonight,  for me it's all about the fashion,  hair,  makeup,   hoping that the ladies will dress like the glamour stars of bygone years.

Cocoa has learned about 10 different tricks now,  am thinking about having him put on a show for either disabled people,  or maybe children.  He needs a lot of socialization yet,  even though he's 3 already.  When I got him,  I had to bribe him with food to get him to come out of the apt.,  or cross a threshold,  walk past the laundry room....

 He comes over to me and grumbles low in his throat,   when I ask him what he wants,  he'll walk to my chair,  look at me,  look at the chair,  then back to me.  He's waiting for permission to get onto to it.

When he had to go potty,  as a puppy,  he'd sit down,  back legs sprawling out,  tip his head sideways,  and his eyes would cross!  Now,  well he just looks at me,  and won't look away.  No vocalizations though....not unless I ask him to say "Mama".   He does that pretty darn good.


This week I'm getting a thingy at Wally World,  so that I can upload some pictures of Cocoa,   also family pics to my blog,  and will include a link to my channel on YouTube, will post a video of Cocoa the Cuddly pooch doing his tricks.

Well,  it's time to hit the sack i reckon,  way past bedtime and today I'm making some ribs and fries for my son and his girlfriend.  They had their first year anniversary this month,  and they so cool!  I love her to pieces,  and he's the happiest I've seen him in a long time.

Later folks

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