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Published on September 10, 2007 By Trudygolightly In Blogging

I was treated to the company of my number 2 child yesterday, and also Saturday,  so I wasn't around to blog about things that have been on my mind lately. 
I had planned on blogged about the good things in life,  the things I take for granted,  the things I love, and why I have to keep kicking myself to try to be humble when I'm so happy.  Then tonight,  the city broke a water main and we have no water now until i was going to blog about life's problems such as...

Last summer someone made off with my birdbath,  the Mother's Day present from my son that spring,  and they got my rock collection along with it....flint, agates, rocks that were layered with colors,  one flint looked exactly like a skull.  One stone was almost a pink color with red stripes in it....I could almost tell you what each rock looked like.

My sister just wrote of rocks in her blog today and it again brought home the small part that hurts in me,  along with other small hurts.  Granted,  no big deal.  Except when it happens to YOU.  THEN it hurts and is understandable.  Oh....I've been down that road.  That road where it doesn't count unless it's happened to you and then it's always worse....Ya I"m sooooo guilty of that..

There's a book out there,  written by a lady that was left a paraplegic,  or maybe she was left a quadraplegic by a sking accident.  ANYWAY...I think her name is Joanie, she writes about how someone else's pain wasn't as bad as hers,  and then she learned different.  That book taught me a lesson.

SO WHERE am I going with this?

As 9/11 approaches,  I shiver and tears form if I allow myself to remember that morning.  How I'd slept in,  went to fetch some McDonald's for breakfast,  only to learn of the horrific news.....coming home and telling my son,   through tears,  to turn on the tv,  we're under attack,  our country is being attacked,  the Twin towers have been hit,  the Pentagon's been hit,  hurry,  turn on the tv.  Breakfast sat there,  I think,  I don't remember eating....

Feeling bad about a rock collection being stolen,  along with the mother's Day present,  seems so trivial compared to the "big picture"....  I still had my son and daughter,  and grandkids.....

I think about Iraq,  9/11,  the 35W bridge collapse,  the fires burning,  the floods,  and my problems and heartaches are nothing.  Nothing at all. 

Then the guilt sets in and I cringe as I remember how just earlier today I was joyful as I unwrapped a pkg. I'd gotten in the mail.  NO right at all to be so happy when soooo much bad stuff is happening....

Wait a minute,  it's not my fault that these bad things happened!  Maybe I just shouldn't take so much joy in life or maybe I just shouldn't let it be shown,  keep it hidden away...

No that doesn't sound right either.......maybe I just need to be more joyful,  more thankful for what I have,  and NOT feel bad when minor shit happens....I think that's the ticket...ya....that's the ticket....give thanks,  be humble,  and let the minor stuff just blow away...ya..

thanks to Locamama and her article for reminding me of some of the wonderful things in life  

on Sep 11, 2007
The only time (so far) I have been burgled, the stuff they got was minor.  But you are right, it is yours and it is a violation.  When compared to the big stuff in life, it is minor. But that does not negate the violated feeling.
on Sep 11, 2007

Reply By: Dr GuyPosted: Tuesday, September 11, 2007
The only time (so far) I have been burgled, the stuff they got was minor. But you are right, it is yours and it is a violation

Exactly Dr. Guy,  I felt like they had been in my home,  instead of stealing off the patio,  and had sullied my living space.

Violated is precisely the word.