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Published on September 6, 2007 By Trudygolightly In Blogging

Things are going along swimmingly well here,  no new outbreaks of serious diseases,  no landlord just walking into my apt. when he feels like it,   no shortage of food,  and man oh man there's lots of heat in MN.!

Just when it finally cooled down to a comfy 74 degrees,  the weather did an about face,  again.  That's the mid-west for ya.

Well there's a cool front on the way,  should get here next Monday or so..


My garden keeps producing big, rich green beans,  the tomatoes are almost all gone already.  What few the crows got didn't hurt,  cept they got the biggest most beautiful one!  The community garden has given us potatoes,  cukes, tomatoes, green beans,  and more.

Next year,  by gum my garden will be even better!  Just like the proverbial mouse trap


My son had been talking about wanting a guitar,  for a couple of months now he'd mentioned a couple of times,  so I got him one.  Nothing top shelf,  a new one yes.  I hope and long for the day we can play together.  Oh that would be grand,  to join our old friends back where we lived,  and be part of their band.  I used to play the drums sometimes,  as I had learned that a long time ago,  to go down there and play guitar and keyboard would make my millenium!


I did the unthinkable,  I can't hardly believe it.....I bought myself a small package of top sirloin steak.  Goooolleee,  the last time I had steak was in April of make that 98.  My former boyfriend had ordered steaks from a restaurant that delivered.

Gosh it was good.  I divided the small pkg. into 4 pieces and froze 3.  I can't believe meat can be so tender!  Maybe next year at this time I'll have to do that again. 


I had to buy batteries for my new digital camera,  so I got the pkg. with the charger too.  Got some cute videos and pictures,  now I STILL have to figure out the whole thing about putting it on the blog....especially the ones of the animals!


Well it's 3 in the morning,  I've had a fun night,  and should hit the hay.  It's just that all this excitement is too much for me. 

Actually it's great feeling content,  happy,  and at peace with the day.

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