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what does anyone do now? after losing a loved one to cancer
Published on July 27, 2007 By Trudygolightly In Blogging

My cousin's daughter is close to death,  from cancer.  She has three children.  It started out as a simple case of a "little cancer"  in her finger and now she's lost her arm and it's infiltrated her body.

This is what I hate about life. 

It isn't right that a sweet, beautiful,  and otherwise healthy young person have this happen to them.

The family is going to stay with the grandparents,  my cousin and his wife,  and then the kids will go with their mom's brother and his wife and toddler....

Then,  after the funeral and the moving of the kids,  my cousin's wife is going to our home town to be with her parents,  who are in their twilight years,  and while I don't know if that's permanent,  what about my cousin?  Is his wife leaving for good?

A very sad,  very tragic loss all the way around,  what now?

on Jul 29, 2007
It is tragic. So sorry Trudy. At least the children will have family to be with. I guess they take it one day at a time as they will have to. To lose their mom, and they sound young, so sad.
on Jul 30, 2007
There is no right answer.  Sorry for your Cousin's and your loss.
on Jul 30, 2007

guess they take it one day at a time as they will have to.

ya....thanks serenity   I appreciate you

I'm so thankful the kids have an uncle with wife and a youngster to grow with....

All of them will have grief to deal with,  so much family hurting now...

on Jul 30, 2007

Sorry for your Cousin's and your loss.

Reply By: Dr Guy

Thanks Dr. Guy