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Published on June 15, 2007 By Trudygolightly In Blogging

What a Friday it's been so far,   the heat of course is unrelenting and continues to burn up the grass,  drying out the flower beds, vegetable garden,  and making it difficult to do much outdoors without breathing difficulties.

I headed off to Wally-World this morning to get some milk and bread,  and though I'd planned on treating myself to a big bouquet of flowers,  headed off instead to the clothing area...

Oh boy,  I came away from there with two new tee-shirts,  one a fushia color and the other a royal blue with white stripes,  a pair of navy blue capri pants,  and got a sweater, for winter, that suits me to a T!  It's a creamy ivory color with barely there golden irridescence thread.  It isn't one of those obnoxious "sparkly" things,  just a hint of the glow of gold.  These treasures will last far longer than blooms!

The early morning found me out watering the 5 hanging baskets,  my impatients plant finally getting buds again.  I almost killed it off by keeping it in the apt.  All the blooms and buds had fallen off so I took it to the gazebo to make a comeback. 

That's what a good plant does,  it can come back from the edge with just a touch of tender loving care,  just like people.  Mostly what people need is love, understanding,  and acceptance.  To love and be loved,  and accept and be accepting.  Just like the guy said to me the other day, " I figure I'm not perfect and I don't expect anyone else to be either".

My son came up to see me and run me to the bank last Saturday,  and his car broke down.  Fortunately he had just bought a cell phone and called me right away,  I got hold of a local repair man and he came out, dragged the old beast back to his garage and finally yesterday it was ready.  It was the crank position sensor, and ignition control module, and it wasn't cheap.

So I helped out by paying for almost half of the bill. I handed him $150.00 and with his $150.00 all he owes is $81.00.  He seemed pretty worried about it last night so I told him he can repay it as he's able,  whether it's 50 a month or less....or if he's not able, not to worry,  I'd rather he kept up with his rent, ect. 

That first ever Social Security check came in real handy!  I could have given him more,  however needed some of it too.  My new glasses are ready.  Switching from SSI to Social Security is sooooooooooooooooooo confusing.  They keep out $187.00 this month for medical coverage,  I suppose that's like a deductible?  Then it'll go down to $93.00 a month after this month. 

According to the letter I got about 10 days ago or the first of this month I think it was,  I was supposed to be getting Social Security way back in Feb. of 2001.  Technically I've been disabled since 97,  according to their records,  however it got overlooked and they'll only go back 6 years.  That's what the law allows,  only going back 6 years to collect monies owed. 

At any rate it truly doesn't matter at this point...............

As long as I can pay for my rent, electric, phone, medicines, laundry, food & household stuff, keep a zoo going,  and have the luxury of internet, I'm happy

About the only thing that's been tasting good lately is milk and cottage cheese.  What's THAT all about??  Must be the heat,  boy we can sure blame a LOT on the heat.....

I've been surprised too, to see that I'm getting some guys interested in my profile at a dating website.  I've held off on meeting the first guy that wanted to meet me,  he was soooo overeager that he scared me off.  One of the men is a local,  so I'm curious as all get out as to who he is,  since he didn't post his picture.  Chances are we've seen each other a lot around town,  ( from my previous address)  and this weekend seems like a good time to take action.  Now wait just a sec here,  by that I mean respond to his response.  OK?

What's up with the stuff on tv?  You know what I mean,  right?  If there's a weather warning,  they interrupt the show to run it on the bottom of the screen,  complete with beeping noises,  weathermen interjecting comments, and then they go to commercial.  There sure as HELL aint' NO weathermen, nor warnings beeping and taking up part of the screen THEN!  Geez I hate when that happens.  Ya know?

I gotta stay away from Friday shopping though,  that's when the crazies come out to shop.  I swear!!  on a bible and my mom's grave,  that's when these sort just HAVE to drive their cart down the part of the aisle that you're walking in,  full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!

Today there was two of em,  if I tried to go to the left,  they both swung their carts in that direction and cut me off!  so I tried slowing down and was gonna take a peak at the jewelry,  something I don't usually do.  Sure as shoot,  they slowed down too,  so I took a wide swing to make a right turn and one of em cut me off there and then together they formed a blockade and wouldn't let me pass....

Good grief,  what a boring life they lead!  That must make their weekend.....

Too bad I'm not a drinking woman,  anymore.....what I'd give to toss down a couple of vodkas with 7up.....or whiskey and coke.....I think back in 67 I was drinking something called "J Bavet.  Does that ring a bell for anyone? 

ahhhh well.

Have a great weekend!


on Jun 18, 2007
Never got into putting sweet drinks in Whiskey.  Like RUm and Coke too.  The drink is sweet enough without the soda.
on Jun 20, 2007

Reply By: Dr GuyPosted: Monday, June 18, 2007
Never got into putting sweet drinks in Whiskey. Like RUm and Coke too. The drink is sweet enough without the soda.

Ya I understand that now,   back in the day I didn't realize how true that is or else didn't have "good taste buds"!