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Published on May 17, 2016 By Trudygolightly In Blogging

So my son was engaged,  in October of 15. He proposed to her at the local pizza place,  he had them spell out "will you marry me?"  in green peppers!  The ring was placed in a box,  on top of the tray of garlic bread...

She was all happy,  showing one and all her ring.

October of 2016 my son was married to her.  Just her step-dad and 2 sisters on her side,  me,  my older sister,  and my oldest niece attended the wedding.

Because of the delicate situation involving the ex and me,  I attended the wedding while he was invited to the reception in the evening.  He didn't make it,  so I could have gone..  and as much as I'd loved to have been there,  there was no way I could have stayed up late,  and then had no way home after the ball.

and so it goes.....marriages are complicated things,   even though one knows logically that "things" shouldn't change,  sometimes people expect that things will change,  all because of that little piece of paper....

Their marriage is the most complicated ball of twine I've ever witnessed...

there are so many twists and turns in would take a magician to figure it out...some things are too obvious and have indeed already been commented on...ok Einstein.....have at it...

I'm just glad,  glad it's not me.  Glad I took my turn on that fantasy trip called "the wedding"  which is nothing more,  sometimes,  than a little girl playing house,  only with real people instead of her paper dolls!...

I'd love to vent here,  only it's too easy for this to get back to his wife,  and it isn't all about her,  really it isn't.  It's actually easy for me to step back,  and observe this marriage as an outsider,  instead of the pawn,  evil mother-in-law,  and rescuer for all parties involved,  that I have been.  

 Wish me luck,  or not.  I've done all I can to support them,  in a multitude of ways and while not looking for or expecting gratitude,  a simple "thank you" or even washing the dish that I delivered food to them on would have been great.

 So "What's New?"  well my plans are new.  I'm getting out of Dodge...I hope to be out of this apt. by no later than Sept.  Rode this horse before,  only now I have to finish the ride.  I need a quiet,  seniors only,  place in the more drama... see you later





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