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who were YOU "back in the day"?
Published on September 14, 2007 By Trudygolightly In Blogging

There have been emails making the rounds here as well as in our mailboxes and I realize that somewhere,  someone had to think up the questions that are routinely asked.   There's a couple of them,   that are the same, on JU that have been posted by more than one blogger and many of us reply to the second and third go round.  It's fun to communicate to others our likes and dislikes,  ect.

I got to thinking this past week about doing one myself,  my own set of questions,  try to be a little different yet still keep it fun. 

I thought about how the current ones ask about us how we are NOW,  which isn't a bad thing at all,  it's just that they don't ask about who we were as children,   or teens...So will no further ado,  here's my attempt to get JUsers to share a little about their early years

1.  What was your favorite book as a child?   Mine were the Laura Ingalls' books,   then Trixie Belden

2.  Who was your favorite adult neighbor when you were little?   Mine was our landlady,  she was cute and friendly,  and had hugs for everyone and knew when a kid was in a bad spot.

3.   Who was your favorite relative?  other than parents?   For me it was Grama Lottie,  she almost raised me herself.

4.  What was your favorite outdoor game?  For me,  it was statues

5.  Favorite meal as a kid?   Hands down,  a hamburger!

6.   Favorite teacher?  Oh I love Mrs.  McFarlane,  she had red hair,  big glasses,  a loud laugh,  and looked like a scarecrow wobbling on her highheels!

7.  Were you bullied?  Absolutely,  in 5th grade two 6th grade girls beat me up on the way home,  they had decided that was their own initiation into their own club...

8.    Did you participate in sports?  as an elementary school kid,  just the usual iceskating,  however after that we HAD to try golf while in Gym class,  otherwise I was more into dance.

9.  Who was your best friend?  Vicky was my best friend,  we met in 5th grade,  she died in 7th grade,  from complications from her leukemia.

10.  What is your best holiday memory while growing up?  I was lucky to have had two parents that did all they could to give us 3 girls all they could,   and my best memory?  hmmmm...I think the Christmas I was 4 years old.  I got a beautiful doll as big as my new baby sister,  who was 7 months old at Christmas that year.

So how about YOU? 

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